This band is from Earth. Dirty tie-dye and kitsch. A hapless mix of swishy melodies and itchy lyrics. Hyper, shapeless and shifty. Started in a swamp – their debut Kakistocracy came out in 2015. Then Jack Murray left the swamp and moved into an apple. Finally, when clawing his way out of its core, he was seduced by the lure of a charming city. JD Rainer joined, and now the two are putting their mark on Baltimore’s twisted, cryptic history. Their latest effort …Or The Devil Will Get You (2017) vibrates and whirls inside you, while the imagination of Mar Aroko twirls your vision. Of their sound, Jack claims “I think we’re like the Wipers mixed with early Screaming Trees, some Agent Orange, a bit of Social Distortion a la Local H and the White Stripes.” But that doesn’t make any sense. So remember, while this isn’t the beginning, it’s nowhere near the end. In the meantime you can keep up with the band on your favorite…..wait, wAiT, WAIT…..You don’t need a bio. Just go listen to our shit. Thx. 😀 😀