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“With the resonating, emotional rollercoaster of the introductory title track, we are along for the ride as we experience a gamut of energies and intensities. Truth is, those same two things repeatedly reveal themselves in number after number……Then, there are those damned oh-so intriguing lyrics, the kind that inspire one to wonder just what the story behind them might be.” – Riff Relevant
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“It’s time for you to get turned on to the subversive pop sounds of Unknown Nobodies and their new song “Jewel.” This band writes the kind of anthems that will keep me laughing at my haters all summer! Not all heavy music has to sound heavy. Real recognize real – Unknown Nobodies soon to be released album The Perplexed Sky is the bomb…” – CVLT Nation
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“It’s through fantastic melodies, brilliant songwriting, great diversity across all eleven tracks that propel the record forward seamlessly, and passion that permeates every moment of “The Perplexed Sky” to where you can tell that Unknown Nobodies really poured all they have into this record. And to say it paid off wouldn’t be giving this effort nearly enough credit.” – Head-Banger Reviews
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“Unknown Nobodies bring forth a powerful release with “Violet”…which features a powerful vocal delivery that ranges between harsh yells and quiet repents. A touch of grunge is embedded into the tracks runtime, using a steady stream of dynamics to bash through the threshold of abstraction.” – New Noise Magazine
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“Every once in a while, you stumble across a track that you just know is going to become part of the soundtrack to your life. This Baltimore based band won me over from the first bar with their anthemic hit ‘Jewel’ ” – A&R Factory
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“Unknown Nobodies…have both a punk side and another that veers closer to paisley underground psychedelia” – New York Music Daily


Unknown Nobodies are a garage punk duo that plays like a three-piece, blending raw energy with addictive sound. As music should be. Their latest release The Perplexed Sky is a perfect balance of both. With a universal story of highs and lows, delusions and demons, the album’s lyrics play with the idea of self in the modern world. They examine how we see ourselves vs. how others see us.

As the songwriter and primary instrumentalist, Jack Murray is the creative force behind Unknown Nobodies, reigniting the project with different musicians everywhere he goes. This adds dimension and variation to the songs and performances. The same goes for recordings. As Jack explains, “I see albums and live shows as completely different pieces of art, but built on the same foundation. In the studio I record guitar and bass separately, but live, they’re distinct, yet layered from one guitar that is modified to create both. I record very fast, not doing many takes, but I take the recordings seriously and really focus on melody. Live, I play even faster, harder and reckless; I really feel what I’m playing up there. They’re the same songs…but different. And that’s the point.”

The Perplexed Sky  was produced by J. Robbins, a prominent figure in the legendary DC music scene of the 80s and 90s, at Magpie Cage in Baltimore. J’s previous work includes Jawbox and Government Issue (member) as well as Clutch, Against Me!, and Jawbreaker (recording and production) among many others. The album is available on translucent dark purple vinyl, CD, and all digital platforms.

UN began in Gainesville, FL releasing the EP Kakistocracy in 2015, recorded by Roger Lima (Less Than Jake). In 2016 Jack moved to NYC where the band recorded their first album …Or the Devil Will Get You  at If and Only If Productions in Brooklyn. A limited 7″ split was also released on Leesta Vall Sound Recording that year. In 2017 Jack moved again to Baltimore, MD and immersed himself in the local scene. After quickly establishing a presence with a number of shows, the band began work on  The Perplexed Sky  in 2018.

The duo has played throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast and have opened locally for national acts such as Smile Empty Soul, Flaw, and legendary British post-punk band Skeletal Family. They have played most home venues including Baltimore Soundstage, The Black Cat (DC), The Windup Space, Angel’s Rock Bar at Power Plant Live!, The Sidebar, The Crown, and Fish Head Cantina, among others. They’ve also played regional festivals including the Liberty Music Fest in Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore Music Festival in New Jersey.

Influenced by bands such as The Wipers, Screaming Trees, REM, Agent Orange, The Gits and even post-punk groups like Joy Division and The Cure, UN is often described as ranging from surf punk to garage rock, alternative and even paisley underground. Powerplay Magazine (UK) says “Think Nirvana and the White Stripes meet REM and you get close to their sound.” One promoter described their new album as “dream grunge alt-punk” while the album’s producer J. Robbins said certain elements reminded him of The Chameleons.

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